How to complete a REFEREE background check in GotSoccer


  1. First, if you are a new referee, create a new profile by going to

And clicking on User Login on the right hand side.


  1. When the next screen opens, select the Login under Referees.


  1. When the next screen opens up, since you are new click on the far left hand box “Register”


  1. Complete all the information on the next page and then hit “Submit”.  Be sure and write down the user name and password you create to access your profile.


  1. After your profile is complete and you’ve logged into gotsoccer, first select the “Upcoming Events” on the top bar.  Once there, select “Search Events” and make sure when you do that you choose “MO” in the State dropdown box before you hit “GO”.


  1. The very first event you should see is “Assignor Registration”.  Go ahead and use this event just to get your background check completed.  Click on “Register for Event”.


  1. Now Click on the “Referee Assignors” on the top blue bar.  When that opens, when you see “Jeff Kollmeyer”, click on the “Make Primary” button.


  1. Once that is done, click on the “My Account” on the top blue bar.  On the far right hand side of the Gray bar below the blue one, you should now see “Background Checks”.  Click on it.


  1. On the left hand side you should see a button that says “submit report”.  Click on it and complete all the info before submitting it.


  1. After your background check is done, you can go back in and change your primary assignor and cancel your registration for the assignor registration.


11. Once you have submitted it, email your regular assignor that you’ve completed it and when it clears your new assignor should see you’ve been cleared when he looks at your record.