How do I register for a clinic?

Although clinic signup site will remain in place, all clinic attendees must now go to in order to sign up and pay to attend any entry or recert clinic in Missouri.
On available clinics are listed by District on the top header and on right hand side by type (right hand column). Click on the clinic header for the type of clinic that you want to attend to read all the details, then go to to sign in or create a profile in order to look in the "Clinics" folder on the left hand side.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO ONLY ENTER DATA FOR THE PERSON THAT IS GOING TO ATTEND THE CLINIC, NOT THE PARENTS OR YOUR OWN.  Complete all the information for the person that will be registering and attending. This information creates an electronic registration that will be exported directly to USSF.   Each referee or person must have a different/unique email address to register by that name for a clinic.

If you do not have an e-mail address please contact  to signup or by using the contact form on this web site.  To register for a clinic, simply click on the "sign up" link on that clinic info page.  It is important that you complete all the registration information, plus, if you're a parent remember they'll be looking for the person's name from the registration record the day of the clinic.  So please use the actual person's name on this signup form that's going to take the course and become a referee.  The accuracy of the information entered is very important because the data will be exported directly to USSF to create their record.  If you don't have a unique email address, it is unlikely that you will get your re-registration notice from the USSF, or receive any updates from the state system.
If you have registered for a clinic before through this website, you should have a profile in   You may edit & keep your contact information with this site up to date in case of cancelation or events we need to keep you informed of.

Please note that signups for some clinics are limited because of the size of the room, or the number of available seats. Once such a clinic is full, no more signups will be allowed by the system. If you need to cancel after registration, or would like to be notified in case a cancelation is made please contact the contact person listed for each clinic.
Please add to your address book or safe sender list so our signup emails get to your inbox for a clinic you want to attend.  Since the system's auto-response to an email is computer generated, many ISP's consider it spam until you tell them otherwise.  If you don't receive a confirmation email that you're expecting, check your spam first.