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Open discussion about Soccer. Chat with other Referee's.

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Missouri SDI
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Open discussion about Soccer. Chat with other Referee's.

Do you have a situation you want to discuss with other referee's.  Post your questions here. . . 

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Joseph Chmelir

I am Looking for ways to improve my " Pre game" when I am Center. Can you give me some specifics on how you do your pre game talk with your team?


Missouri SDI
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There's a USSF video about pre-game to help you get started at

Joseph Chmelir

Thats a pretty good video.

Can I share my Pregame?

For my AR.

Offside is your major responsibility, be there and be aware of recent law changes, do you want to talk about them or have questions? I would rather you be a touch late and correct than early and wrong. If I do wave you down, don't take it personally something may have changed at last seccond and keeper is still better with ball in hand than on ground.

Endline, please be there when needed. You have the best set of eyes and angle on the ball for in/out of play and ball in out of goal. Be there when it counts, save your gas if its gonna be a long day, IF its a long obvious blast over the end line.

Fouls, lets make eyecontact first then go togeher whistle and flag up together if we can.

Throw in. You watch the feet I have the hands.  Remember, they can stand on the touchline, that's ok, but they need to have both feet on or outside the touchline at the moment the ball is released and breaks the plane of the playing field for the throw to be legal.

Space. On Free kicks, and throws please try to be PRO active and get defenders to move back before requested. use your voice. IF requested and in your quadrant please mark off the space then let me know you are ready tell them to wait for My Signal.

Subs. Have them at the half line prior to signal. Overhead then drop it and hide it for me, unfurl and thumbs up when completed.  AR 2 please mirror request and completion.

Time. AR 1 leave watch running, AR2 moniter time wasted, advise on time added.

Any questions for me???

What am I missing?



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Anyone have a website or a video they watch to increase their knowledge to become a better referee especially recognizing fouls and how to be in good positioning to see fouls? My sending question is at times I get confused especially at half time when teams switch sides on which way to call fouls. Does anyone have tips to help with this?

Joseph Chmelir

If you are on Facebook, there is a nice group of referees some from MO that do a lot of discussion re the LOTG> Search Soccer Referee Society it is pretty Good one.


Ted Apley

Here is a site with videos and Explanations for both the Referee and AR.


To remain at Grade 7, any Grade 7 Referee who attained their date of grade prior to 7-1-2015 are exempt from fitness and assessment requirements.

I was a Grade 7 in Texas in 2015 & 2016.  My question is how do I find out if I qualify for the above exemption?

Missouri SDI
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You attended a clinic in Mo and were allowed to re-regsiter as a grade 8 for 2018.  Since you could not meet the grade 7 re-registration requirements Missouri had posted at, your only choice was to re-register as an 8, which you requested and were approved for on 12-7-17.

Sorry, but your USSF registration record indicates you were at grade 7 in Texas South in 2016 only.  Your record there shows grade 8 at the beginning of 2016, and you were upgraded to 7 sometime during the 2016 registration year.  Unless you have another USSF number that we can't see, you don't show as registered in 2015 or before.  The text you quoted from only applies to grade 7's that attained their 7 on or before 7-1-15 in Missouri.