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Mid-year upgrade 8 to 7

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 03- 08- 2017

This policy only applies to mid-year upgrades that occur after January 1 until June 30 of a given year.  All other upgrades must occur on January 1, of the current registration year.

Thank you for your interest in a midyear upgrade from 8 to 7, here are the steps you will need to take;


Step 1 - Go to and click on "Recertifications" and ensure you understand what is required and what has to be done for Grade 7.  If you haven't been to this new site it may require you to set up an account.  Only validated accounts can see the links you need.


Step 2 - Notify your DRA of your interest.  Your DRA must validate your "portfolio" and confirm you have met the minimum required career game counts.


Step 3 - Go to and click on "Re-certifications", then click on "Request an Assessment".  You will pay the assessment fee through paypal in that process.


Step 4 - Coordinate with your assignor to get a game that meets the requirements.


Step 5 - Communicate with your District Assessment Administrator (DAA) with the game information so a Grade 7 or higher assessor can be scheduled.  


Step 6 - After you've passed the assessment, you will be given a code to sign up for the "request for mid-year upgrade from 8 to 7" clinic #20308 on


Step 7 - Upon signing up for the upgrade clinic, you will be required to pass the grade 7 exam at 80% or higher there on that site.  If your request is after Dec 31 you will have to pay a $10 mid-year upgrade fee that USSF requires.


Step 8 - Go to and pass the 12 online modules for Grade 7.  The report of that completion comes to the state level each Sunday morning.


Some of these requirements, such as step 8, can be done at any time.


Upon successful completion of all of the above, your midyear upgrade will be processed by the registrar if all is completed by June 29.  Beginning with any 2018 re-registrations, you will have to go online to the USSF system to print off your own ID card showing you are a grade 7.