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Upgrade Criteria for Grade 6 Futsal in Mo

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 11- 03- 2017

Existing registered Futsal Grade 8 referees that wish to upgrade to State Futsal Grade 6 need to complete the following requirement as part of that process:

All requirements are posted on under Recertification Requirements

Step 1 - Declare in writing to the DRA and Registrar your intent to upgrade.   

Step 2 - Compile all futsal match assignment history and submit to your DRA for evaluation and approval.  Only USSF affiliated futsal matches can be counted for this purpose.

Step 3 - Complete the USSF online Grade 6 futsal course modules, and retain a copy of each completion certificate to submit to the registrar prior to you upgrade

Step 4 - Go online to and complete the assessment request form, including pre-payment through paypal for the service.

Step 5 - Contact your affiliated futsal league assignor and request an assignment that meets the assessment requirements.  Once that assignment is given, there must be a minimum of 2 weeks for the DAA to schedule an appropriate level of assessor.

Step 6 - Immediately contact the appropriate DAA for where geographically the assignment will fall within.  Give the DAA the detailed data on the match, i.e. Date, Time, Location.  Include assignment details such as the level of the match and the teams involved.  Include the name of the other official assigned to the match, as well as rules of competition.

Step 7 - Once assessment has been been completed, if passing then go to Step 8.  If not a passing assessment, or not a sufficient test, return to step 4.

Step 8 - Seek and participate successfully in a Mo Futsal Grade 6 fitness test.  This can be accomplished anytime prior to, but within the same annual registration cycle, as the upgrade will occur within.

Step 9 - Once all other steps are completed, email your DRA or Registrar and request the authorization code so you can sign up for the "upgrade Futsal Grade 6" course online at  You will complete the Grade 6 Futsal exam via that course.  Any other addition fees (such as USSF mid-year upgrade fee if applicable) must also be paid via that course.

Step 10 - After passing all other requirements, email your DRA or Registrar and request an authorization code so you can sign up for a "Futsal Grade 6 Re-registration Clinic" when available for the year in which you your upgrade to Futsal Grade 6 to be processed.


Futsal Fitness testing

Test 1 - Endurance Stamnia 1,000 meters    FIFA = 4 Min   Missouri = if outdoor 6 min, if indoor 7 min  (5 min rest)

Test 2 - Speed Test  4 x 10 meters    FIFA = 10 sec    Missouri = 15 sec   (5 min rest)

Test 3 - Agility Directional  80 meters total    FIFA = 20 sec   Missouri = 30 sec

             10 meters forward

             10 meters sideways to left

             10 meters sideways to right

             10 meters backwards

             10 meters forward

             10 meters sideways to left

             10 meters sideways to right

             10 meters backwards    ( 5 min rest)

Test 2 - Repeat (then 5 min rest)

Test 3 - Repeat

Futsal Fitness testing completed