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This site is a source of information for new and experienced soccer referees affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation, as well as data for Missouri Referee Administrators, Registered Assignors, Instructors and Assessors. To see the whole site you must first create a profile, and then your access must be approved.   

SRC COVID-19 Compliance Guidlines

   Annual SRC Meeting in Columbia 7-24-21

For your protection and the safety of everyone MRDP will be advocating Covid compliance guidelines as required by each training venue. 

At all in-person training events, MRDP will offer masks and hand sanitizer if required by the host or venue.

MRDP Risk Management Policy on Registration of Felons

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 01- 04- 2021

MRDP reserves the right to refuse registration in any capacity to anyone convicted of a felony anywhere in the United States.  While this policy in principle has been in force for many years, current risk management realities have now required this to be in writing and published.  The State Referee Committee has voted unanimously to re-affirm this policy as of January 4, 2021.

2022 USSF Re-registration

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 06- 16- 2020

Missouri Referee Development Program will start the 2022 registration/re-registration cycle on July 1, 2021.  Fees for 2022 will be increased by $10 across the board due to new higher costs associated with background checks.  For 2022, re-registrations will still start online and will have an in-person recert clinic associated with each clinic to conclude the process.  Provided all other requirements (i.e.

The Missouri Referee Development Program offers hybrid training clinics on-line

On-Line Training

On-line training is done through https://mrdp.gameofficials.net  The Missouri Referee Development Program (MRDP) offers hybrid training clinics in each of the four MRDP Districts, which mirror the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) districts. This training involves completing 22 online modules, then attending a one day face-to-face class and field training sessions. Any interested person may attend any posted clinic provided they meet the criteria.  You must have a profile on https://mrdp.gameofficials.net to be able to see or register for an upcoming clinic. If you feel you meet the criteria, and yet the system won't let you signup, or it asks for a "code", contact your district online support or email [email protected]

How to become a USSF Referee

All United States Soccer Federation (USSF) affiliate members require that all referees be currently registered by the USSF. In order to register a referee must first be qualified. Normally this means taking a USSF referee training course conducted by a Instructional program within one of the recognized state programs.
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