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How do I register for a clinic?

Although clinic signup site will remain in place, all clinic attendees must now go to in order to sign up and pay to attend any entry or recert clinic in Missouri.
On¬†available clinics are listed by District on the top header and on right hand side by type (right hand column). Click on the clinic header for the type of clinic that you want to attend to read all the details, then go to to sign in or create a profile in order to look in the "Clinics" folder on the left hand side.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO ONLY ENTER DATA FOR THE PERSON THAT IS GOING TO ATTEND THE CLINIC, NOT THE PARENTS OR YOUR OWN.  Complete all the information for the person that will be registering and attending. This information creates an electronic registration that will be exported directly to USSF.   Each referee or person must have a different/unique email address to register by that name for a clinic.

Welcome to Missouri Referee Development Program (MRDP)

Unless you've used this site before, you probably don't have a profile, so you must create one to proceed.  You must use a unique email address for each profile or person.  Just because you're already a USSF referee doesn't mean you have a profile here.  As you fill out the profile, the system will tell you if you already have one. 

Guidelines, Requirements and Procedures for Hosting All Referee Training Clinics

Beginning on July 1, 2016, the following guidelines are for reference and use by USSF affiliated leagues or organizations within Missouri. These guidelines, adopted by the State Referee Committee, are based on USSF Fees in 2016 (or beyond if fees are updated) in order to achieve consistency throughout Missouri, as well as serve the needs of the various affiliated games.


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