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Starting the Recertification process

All Recertifications begin at

In addition, you must complete the SafeSport training required by USSF before your registration will be accepted at USSF.  See the Article on the home page for details.
Log in as an official in group 1516 and select clinic you want to attend from "Courses" (system will only let you see clinics based on prior years registration status)

Once you completed signup for that clinic you can then look for and start "session tracker" and you will:

  1. Have access to any required online testing
  2. Have access to any required online modules to complete

If "1" and "2" are done, when you physically attend and pass a recert clinic you will be given your new badge, or if the new badges haven't arrived yet, it will be sent to you via USPS.

If you attend a clinic and do not complete all requirements first, when you do complete all the requirements you will be mailed your badge if you bring a self-addressed pre-stamped envelope to the clinic for the instructor to use.

If you sign up for a clinic, pay your fees or complete any or all requirements, and then find you cannot attend you must contact your district system administrator so that your signup can be removed from that clinic afterwards. After they remove you, then when you signup for another clinic your payment and progress will follow you and automatically appear on your new clinic. 


All re-certifications,testing, and online training modules are tied to first signing up for online training for a specific clinic at\
At the time of signup to a clinic fees must be paid to proceed further.