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2019 State Cup Referee Application

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Missouri State Cup will be June 2-4th (round robin) & June 8-9th (semi & finals)

Location: Creve Coeur Soccer Complex - St Louis, MO

To referee State Cup you must be a grade 1 – 8, national or state emeritus level and currently registered. 

All applications to work cup must be received by midnight, May 1, 2019. 

Randy Masterson will be the primary assignor.  His email is: [email protected]  He will be using Gotsoccer for assignments.  He will supply details on how to do that.

Referee Pay Rates:

15-19U = Center $75, AR $40, 4th Official $30, Bullpen $25

13-14U = Center $60, AR $30, Bullpen $25

No grade 9 referees will be accepted  All referees should have at least 1 year's experience on full sided games before applying.  

All referees wishing to be considered for Regional nomination/appointments must be willing and available to work cup games to be eligible.  No referees under 18 may stay unsupervised in a hotel at cup. Cup complimentary (2 to a room) hotel rooms are only available through the primary assignor and you must live at least 1 hour (90 miles) from the venue you are assigned to.  

There will be a mandatory referee pre-cup meeting Friday, June 1.  Location and time will be emailed to all accepted referees the week before main cup tournament.  

There will be water at the fields for referees.

Even though you must work Cup to be eligible for Regionals, the Regional Application itself is different than this form and can be found on the same page of