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Outdoor Referee Certification Requirements Grade 6

State Referee Association Standards
U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Referee Certification Requirements Grade 6
July 2017

State Referee Association Standards

Where provided, U.S. Soccer expects State Referees Associations to establish requirements that best support the needs of the local competitions and the referees servicing them. This means that State Referee Associations are expected to work collaboratively with State Association(s) leaders and local competition authorities.

Specific to requirements associated with grade, this includes:

  • Minimum age
  • Previous game and grade experience

State Referee Associations are also empowered by U.S. Soccer to establish fitness, assessment and training standards outside the parameters of grade. Although independent of grade, these standards should be advanced when compared to the existing U.S. Soccer grade requirements. These advanced standards should be specific to the needs of local competitions or specific to participation in state level development programs.

If fitness standards are required for specific state level competitions, they should be conducted in accordance with the FIFA Sprint and Interval Tests. U.S. Soccer recommends that State Referee Associations use the established State Referee standards but the required time intervals can be adjusted if needed. It is required that a set of speed gates be used to administer the sprint tests.

If assessment standards are required, they should be conducted in accordance with the current guidelines specific to formal assessments. State Referee Associations are also able and encouraged to utilize the following:

  • Development and guidance evaluations
  • Scouting and identification
  • Mentoring

Additional training standards can include, but are not limited to attending:

  • Clinics
  • Workshops
  • Tournaments or other competitions

For national competitions looking to establish requirements specific to assignment, U.S. Soccer can assist in the formation and communication of these standards.

These additional standards can be instituted by State Referee Associations outside the scope of grade requirements and are intended to promote the development of referees and support the needs of local, regional and national competitions.

Grade 6 – State Referee

The purpose of the Grade 6 State Referee Course is to prepare officials for the most competitive matches within their state and region. Based on the level of training provided, U.S. Soccer recommends that these officials be assigned accordingly to best service the game.


Certification Requirements





Minimum 18 Years of Age


Previous Game Experience

Career 100 games (11 v 11) with a minimum of:

50 as a Referee in 80 minute or longer games.

25 games as Assistant Referee

10 games in State affiliated Adult League.


Previous Grade Experience


Minimum 1 Year as a Grade 7 Referee




Pass the Grade 6 State Referee Course


Laws of the Game Test


Pass the Grade 6 State Referee Test


Fitness Test


Pass the Grade 6 Sprint and Interval Tests


Practical Evaluation


Minimum of 2 Passing Assessments *

Annual Recertification Requirements


Prior Year's Game Experience

At least 5 games in affiliated State Adult Division League


Must attend an approved recert clinic in-state


Laws of the Game Test


Pass the National Referee Test


Fitness Test


Pass the Grade 6 Sprint and Interval Tests


Practical Evaluation


Minimum of 2 Passing Assessments **



  • All State Referee Association requirements must be made public
  • All training requirements can be completed online and/or in the classroom setting as determined by the State Referee Association and there are no minimum number of hours associated with either requirement                                                                     
  • All passing test scores are 80% and all testing requirements can be completed online and/or in the classroom setting as determined by the State Referee Association
  • Minimum of 2 passing assessments from affiliated games with a minimum of 40 minute halves completed by 2 different State Assessors
  • Mid-year upgrade must be SRC approved and accompanied by a work plan.  See for details.
  • For upgrade to 6, or maintenance as 6 must pass:

            1 assessment as referee on a state acceptable Division 1 Adult, 90 min, 11 v 11.

            1 assessment as referee on a U17 or higher, 90 min, 11 v 11.

  • All assessments for upgrade must be within 12 months of proposed upgrade.
  • All assessments must be approved by SDA or DAA beforehand.
  • All assessments must be by MO USSF registered State or higher Assessor.  Exceptions must be approved prior by SDA.
  • A failing assessment requires an additional passing assessment with accompanying fee for the additional assessment.
  • Two failing assessments for upgrade within the same year terminates the upgrade process for that registration year.
  • Assessments in a given year must be done on different dates with different assessors.   

All applicable assessor travel fees must be paid to the assessor by the referee being assessed before the game starts.

Fitness Test Administration and Standards

Hosting Requirements

 EMS and/or a medical trainer must be available on site

  • Available from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. to allow for weather delays
  • Should have a minimum of 6 lanes (400 meters or 200 meters if it is an indoor facility)
  • Surface should be rubber type coating to help prevent injuries
  • Sound system at the track with the ability to play a DVD or audio file on a computer
  • Restrooms and drinking water must be available to the participants
  • Timers, monitors, scribes must be recruited from local volunteers
  • Equipment needed includes colored pennies with numbers on both sides (or pins with numbers), cones, flags, whistles, clipboards and timing watches

State Fitness Test

The state fitness test for consists of two tests. Test 1, Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA), measures the referee’s ability to perform repeated sprints over 40m. Test 2, Interval Test, evaluates the referee’s capacity to perform a series of high-speed runs over 150m interspersed with 50m walking intervals. Referees must pass the State Fitness Test at least once a year.   The time between the end of Test 1 and the start of Test 2 is 6 to 8 minutes maximum.


Test 1: Repeated Sprint Ability

  • Referees run six consecutive 40 meter sprints followed by a recovery period after each sprint (while walking back to the start line)
  • The ‘start’ gate is placed at 0m and the ‘finish’ gate at 40m. The ‘start line’ is marked out 1.5m before the ‘start’ gate.
  • Referees line up at the start with their front foot touching the ‘start line’. Once the test leader signals that ready, the referee is free to start.
  • Referees receive a maximum of 60 seconds recovery between each of the 6 x 40m sprints. During recovery, referees must walk back to the start.
  • If a referee falls or trips, they should be given an additional trial (one trial = 1 x 40 m).
  • If a referee fails one trial out of the six, they should be given a seventh trial immediately after the sixth trial. If they fail two trials out of seven, the match official has failed the test.



Test 2: Interval Test

  • Referees must complete 20 x 150m run / 50m walk intervals. This equates to 10 laps of a 400m athletics track. A lap consists of two 150 meter runs with two 50 meter recovery walks
  • The pace is dictated by the audio file and reference times are set in accordance with the referee’s category.
  • Referees must start from a standing position. They must not start before the whistle. On the whistle, referees are allowed to start running.
  • At the end of each run, each referee must enter the ‘walking area’ before the whistle. The walking area is marked out with a line 1.5m before and 1.5m behind the 150m line.
  • If a referee fails to place a foot inside the walking area on time, they should receive a clear warning from the test leader. If a referee fails to place a foot inside the walking area on time for a second occasion, they should be stopped by the test leader and informed that they have failed the test.



Standards for Grade 6 Certification


Test Type


Sprint Standard


Interval Standard (run)


Interval Standard (walk)


9.00 secs

45 seconds per 150m

45 seconds per 50m