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How to become a USSF Referee

All United States Soccer Federation (USSF) affiliated member activities require that all referees be currently registered by the USSF. In order to register a referee must first be qualified. Normally initially this means successfully taking a USSF referee entry training course conducted by a Instructional program within one of the recognized state programs. The minimum age to attend referee training is 13 years of age (set by USSF), but you should be aware however that some leagues set their own minimum age for referees which can be higher but not lower, primarily because of child labor laws that are enforced on a state by state basis. According to the internet, Child labor laws in Missouri mandate that "Youth under 14 years of age are not permitted to work at any job—other than in the agriculture or entertainment industries or casual jobs—at any time." Employing 14-17 years old in Missouri still requires a valid "work permit" be on file with the employer for each youth and still has strict limitations imposed by the State.  USSF Referees must keep their registration current for the year they do games in.
The Missouri Referee Development Program (MRDP) offers USSF Entry Referee clinics. After clinic completion, and in order to be assigned any youth games, a background check and SafeSport is required for anyone age 18 or older plus USSF Intro to Safe and Healthy playing environment is mandatory for ALL referees.  Leagues that use un-registered referees that are younger than 18 have to accept the restrictions and liability that comes with using them.
USSF Referee (entry) - The USSF Referee may officiate games as a Referee or Assistant Referee in all youth and adult games. The current entry clinic consists of a hybrid combination of 25 online components and in class room training followed by hands on field training. After signing up for a course, each attendee must complete all the 25 online modules before they are allowed to attend the classroom session. Upon successful completion of the course, that includes a passing score on the test at the end of the online portion of the course, candidates are registered as a Referee with the United States Soccer Federation for the current USSF Fee through Missouri. Currently  (2024) the Grassroots Referee annual re-registration fee is $70.00 total. That fee is already included in the total entry course cost of $95.00 for each new referees.  Course costs can change each year.
To find all upcoming clinics in Missouri go to  Remember, just because a course is not posted that is convenient for you now, it may be posted in the near future.  We suggest you check with your District Referee Administrator for updated information.
On-line course training is done through The Missouri Referee Development Program (MRDP) offers training clinics in each of the four MRDP Districts, which mirror the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) districts.  Any interested person may attend any posted clinic provided they meet the criteria.  You must have a profile on our new web page to be able to see or register for an upcoming clinic. If you feel you meet the criteria, and yet the system won't let you signup, or it asks for a "code", contact your district online support or email [email protected]
MRDP District on-line support volunteers: 
Eastern District - Colin Pressy 
Western District - Anthony Gardner
Central District - Position vacant, please contact [email protected] or Anthony Gardner (above)
Southern District - Tonya Wade-Smith
To determine which district you live in, click here:  District Administration Map