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MRDP Refund policy

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 01- 16- 2020

Updated 8-2-18

MRDP Refund Policy on any payment made through


When someone pays online to attend any entry training under MRDP, that fee paid and processed through Game Officials at the time of their signup.  If for any reason they want a refund after that, the following applies:


If the request is received BEFORE the clinic is held, the partial refund does not include any fee Game Officials charged, at the time of the original signup, to process the payment.  In addition, if the person that signed up is 18 or older, the $5 non-refundable background check is also excluded.


If the request is received AFTER the clinic is held. any partial refund also (in addition to the 2 exceptions above) does not include the $35 in state instructor fees.


In lieu of requesting a refund, if the non-attendee signup for a future class, any full balance paid may be applied to that course with the assistance of system administrators. That must be requested within the other time limitations below.

All persons admitted to the entry clinic single day of class must be on the roster, and should have successfully completed all required online modules.  If they have not completed all the online required modules, their USSF registration can't be processed, nor can they receive a badge and become registered, until all modules are complete regardless of their test score.  They must also complete and submit their SafeSport certificate if they are 18 or older by the time they are released.  If they fail to complete all the modules by June 30 of that registration year, they can't be released at all for that registration year. 

If they request a refund, the partial request must be made before December 31 of that calendar year or within 30 days from the original starting date of the clinic the refund is from.  There can be no refunds if not requested until after a date within the allowed time frame. 

For requested refunds on assessments not received, those refunds can only be considered if requested prior to Dec 31 of the year they should have been scheduled in.  Requests for refunds on assessments must be submitted in writing (email included) directly to a DRA, SDA, or SRA prior to Dec 31 of that year.  There can never be any refunds for assessments that were completed.

Should they specifically request a refund at any point, it will NOT be processed by MRDP administrators back through GO. The partial amount of the refund now has to be paid via a check to the individual.  It will be mailed to the address that is listed in game officials for that official.