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2018 Region II Presidents Cup Application

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This large event will be held in West Chester, Ohio (Cincinatti) on June 14-18, 2018.  Simular in format to the scope of the youth regional events, Missouri will nominate 15 referees and 3 assessor/mentors to attend based on the number teams from Missouri that will attend.  The event will pay each referee or assessor/mentor a $200.00 stipend electronically after the event from US Youth Soccer.  Those details will be shared by the Regional staff AFTER you are accepted.

The housing is in two hotels.  One (Marriott) for females and one (4 points Sheridan) for males. They are about a mile from the complex, with transport provided by the hosts.  The cost of the hotels (based on 2 persons per room) will be paid by the state youth program beforehand.  All referees and assessor/mentors will be required to submit waivers to attend, regardless of age.  The hotel is providing breakfast each day, along with wi-fi while staying there.  Lunch daily will be at the complex, with daily assignments of 2 games per official.

Those wishing to attend should plan on working state level President's Cup games.  A head of delegation will be named, and all participants must comply with Missouri requirements to attend.  Those requirements include staying the whole time of the event, regardless of assignments.