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New and Existing Referees - where to go

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 02- 20- 2023

All new referees, as well as re-registering referees, should start the process at

At some point ALL will have to go to the USSF Learning Center to complete at least 1 module at no cost to them.

Suggest you start with

For 2023 USSF has instituted a requirement that existing or new user (you) who wants to attend any entry course taught by a state, before you can now get your badge and be registered you must go to the and create a profile to confirm your email address (if you're under 18 then your parents will have to add a 2nd address) once that's done, then you have to click on "Courses", the click on “Available Courses” and then look for "supplemental courses " on the left, then click on it and find the "Introduction to safe and healthy playing environments" and take that FREE module.  this is now an annual requirement by USSF.  Email back to [email protected] when it’s done so we can update the clinic roster.

by Federal Law If you're 18 or older you also have to do SafeSport.  It too must be updated every year.  You can also take it on the same learning center location but not if your existing safesport expires more than 60 days from when you want to take it.  Otherwise you can take it by going to  Going there you will want to know which of the 4 USSF approved modules you need to take next.  Once it's done from there, on their menu, right hand side, look for "TRANSCRIPTS" and get/download a pdf copy and email it to [email protected] so we can safe a copy at the state level (USSF requirement again) and upload it to your profile in the learning center.

Contact  your DRA (front page along the bottom) if you have any other questions.