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Referee Request for Upgrade or Other Assessment

Please create an account with MRDP and be logged in to view the request for assessment form. 

In order to complete all your required upgrade assessments in the same year that you want to upgrade in, it is recommended that your decision to upgrade be done as early in the registration year as possible.  Before you request an assessment, you should understand the payment you are making is only for the assessment itself.  It does not include mileage that must be paid to the assessor if the assessor must travel more than an hour to the game site.  Unless the assessor is able to ride with you for a game that is "out of town for the assessor", the following may apply;


Start   End Miles Travel Fees
Columbia to Kansas City 250 $60
Columbia  to St Louis 246 $60
Columbia  to Springfield 330 $80
Columbia to Joplin 470 $115
Herculaneum to Springfield 416 $105
Herculaneum to Joplin 566 $140
Herculaneum to Kansas City 524 $139
Joplin  to Kansas City 300 $75
Joplin  to Springfield 140 $70
Joplin  to St Louis 566 $140
Joplin  to Rogers 132 $70
Quincy to Kansas City 426 $105
Quincy to Springfield 514 $125
Quincy to Joplin 654 $160
Quincy to St Louis 250 $60
Springfield to Kansas City 332 $80
Springfield to Joplin 140 $35
Springfield to St Louis 430 $105
Springfield to Rogers, Ark 187 $45
St Charles to Springfield 424 $105
St Charles to Joplin 564 $140
St Charles to Kansas City 454 $110
St Louis to Kansas City 496 $125
St Louis to Springfield 430 $105
St Louis to Joplin 570 $140
St Louis to Rogers, Ark 627 $160
Kansas City to Rogers, Ark 440 $110

These fees may be paid directly to the assessor BEFORE the match, or may be paid direct to MRDP via Paypal before the assignment for assessment is approved by the DAA.