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Referee Portfolio Requirements - Game History

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 05- 16- 2019

Previous Game Experience - Criteria for eligibility for upgrade

Required game history criteria (portfolio) should be submitted first to the DRA, then to SRA & SDA in an excel format with each game on a single line.  All games should be from USSF affiliated of 90 minutes and 11 v 11, not small sided.  Those records should include;


Date of game

Time of game

Venue or location of game

Affiliated League

Division within League

Home Team

Guest Team

Final Score




4th Official (if assigned)



All game data must be specific and not left blank or it may not be counted for upgrade.

A minimum of 25 games as referee and 15 games as AR on Local Adult Amateur games are required to advance to Regional Referee. Once the Regional level is reached, portfolio should continue to be recorded for National acceptance.

Note: NPSL, WPSL, USL, PDL can all count toward your career history, but can only count as specified in document outlining requirements for upgrade to and maintenance for Regional Referee.