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2020 Midwest Region II Event

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To apply to referee at The Region II Midwest Regional Championships you must be a outdoor Referee grade 5 – 8 and currently registered.  All referees should have at least 2 year's experience before applying.  All referees wishing to be considered for appointments must be available to work all games to be eligible.  No referees under 18 may stay unsupervised in a hotel at Regionals.  Complimentary Pod (multiple people to a pod) dorm rooms are only available through the Missouri referee selection process.

The Midwest Regional Championship event will be June 19-24, 2020 in Westfield, Indiana.  You must be able to attend all the dates to apply.  Referees and Referee Assessor/Mentors will be housed in one of the dormitories at tba. The cost of dorms is $72 a night,or $432.00 total per person, and will be pre-paid by MYSA.  3 meals a day are included, except for Monday night when states usually have their own dinner, and no lunch will be provided on Monday, June 24, for the final day of the event. 

Compensation - Each Referee should expect to be compensated directly by MYSA $420.00 ($70 a day) plus $80.00 travel after attending, providing they stay the entire time. 

Selected Referee Coaches (assessor/mentors) attending will be compenstated directly by MRDP.  Compenstation will be based on days that assignments from Region 2 are worked.  MRDP must have a current W9 on file before payment is made. Head of Delegation will be ____________.

Travel - MRDP will provide some additional limited travel support for those that carpool with at least 3-4 of the selected persons in a vehicle.

Attire - MRDP will provide MRDP branded OSI shirts (1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve), plus some coins for all selected Missouri referees and assessor/mentors that attend.

This year because of field availability, approximately 28 games will start every two hours so the length of the day should be shorter, allowing for more instructional and rest time. 

Missouri will send a minimum of 15 referees (Mo already has one wild card), as well as 3 Ref Coaches.  All applications must be submitted by May 1.  The final selected list of Missouri nominated referees and assessor/mentors will be made after applications are closed on May 1, 2020.

The application form for nominations is now open.