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MRDP to award the next 500 new referees with some of their needed equipment

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Submitted by Missouri SDI on 06- 29- 2023

July 1, 2023 - Exciting news for prospective referee candidates ! ! !

In order to help ease the financial burden on new referees, the first 500 new 2024 referees that take their training through the new OMS site under MRDP will get the following after they attend all sessions and complete all modules before attending in person;

MRDP branded Fox 40 Whistle

Adjustable wrist lanyard for whistles

MRDP branded Ditty organizer bag for cards, whistle, etc.

New pair OSI socks (most will have both large both adult and medium sizes to choose from while supply of both last in each district)

A set of new Florescent Yellow and Red Cards

A Ticket for a drawing on a set of AR Flags from Capelli.  At least 2 new sets minimum to be given away at each entry clinic.  If bigger clinics, then more new flags given away.

And of course the Velcro patch for their new 2024 badge

To sign up and train as a new referee we suggest you read all the info for NEW REFEREES on the front page of then go to;