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Welcome to MRDP (Missouri Referee Development Program)

Due to the current policies of US Soccer Referee Program, Missouri Referee Development Program is not in a position to OPT-IN to their 2021 re-registration offer. Participation would be fiscally irresponsible for the future of the MRDP for years to come.  However, in consideration of the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic, all MRDP re-registration fees will be lowered by $10 for 2021.  Fees for 2022 will be addressed at a future date.

This site is a source for information on clinics for new and experienced soccer referees affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation, as well as data for Missouri Referee Administrators, Registered Assignors, Instructors and Assessors. To see the whole site you must first create a profile, and then your access must be approved.   This step is necessary because of ongoing attempts by spammers to hack our state's site.